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This article by Dr Ben Edwards is really worth reading. It sums up the way our bodies runs and how Dr Edwards discovered what is causing our ‘diseases’.

There is no such thing as ‘diseases’ it is just metabolic dysfunction due to lack of copper and magnesium. When one has been eating the Standard Australian Diet (SAD), you can see that we can not possibly be ‘anemic’! The use of ferritin as a marker is NOT accurate at all since the presence of serum ferritin is heavily correlated to ‘oxidative stress’.

There are no ‘easy’ tests to see how much iron is in our organs/tissues/joints/muscles. If you have a ‘diagnosis’, it means you have excess unbound iron rusting your body (inside our bodies), so it is a sure bet that iron is at play.

The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) does have a series of tests that can show whether or not you have excess unbound iron and as Dr. Edwards said, you need to understand the intricacies of what to look for and how each test relates to each other regarding ‘disease’. RCP consultants are trained to do this. 

As Dr. Edward spoke about the four pillars of health – nutrition, hydration, movement and peace.

I like to think of it as Mind and Body balance since we only heal when we receive the nourishment and mind is in a relaxed state. The body can not heal when we are in constant stress mode. How many of you prioritise your stress (mind) and health (body)?

The mind is so important, it is something we do not put value on. Imagine our level of health if we consciously and routinely nourished our minds with positive affirmations. Louise Hay has some great resources on adding this to your daily life, you can find out more here. This is only one way of helping to change how you metabolise stress. There are many different modalities you can use, EFT, TRE, Body Code, Matrix re-training etc.

Nutrition is covered by the RCP and eating food that your ancestors would have been eating, Eating organic wholefoods is the best nutrition you can give your body (short of growing your own organically). Even though it is expensive, it becomes important since copper is missing from the soils and the use of glyphosate is further eroding the availability of copper as well. Some organic produce is going to be better than none ultimately.

We do need an extra helping hand to help move our bodies back into balance again, it can take time especially if you have been in poor health for a long time. This is where the RCP helps to restore the nutrition that your body is seeking to help turn the tide on ‘disease’ and bring it back to good health.

The STOPs in the protocol is a good place to begin, many people feel better when they have done these. The STARTs are designed to slowly introduce minerals to your body. This is where you take back the control and listen to your body as you implement the steps one by one slowly.

Interested in learning more? You can download the RCP Handbook here.

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