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Kristan is one of the best practitioners I have ever come across by far, and I believe one of the best in the world. Her knowledge, approachable manner, dedication, and support make her truly something special! Kristan has helped me more than words can express on my healing journey. She takes really complex science and turns it into really simple practical grounding sensible advice. And she is not only an amazing health coach, but the best educator and mentor anyone could possibly wish for. Highly highly recommend!

~Amelia Ruifrok

I was so lucky to have found Kristan on the Magnesium Advocacy group 3 years ago when I was trying to put all the pieces of my health puzzle together.
Wow did I find the right person!!! After spending lots & lots of time & money on the wrong supplements & paying consultant fees towards naturopaths that were leading me down the wrong path with not understanding the issue with adding extra iron tablets & with out correct testing of the bio available copper, magnesium in the red blood cell, ceruloplasmin etc.. they were in fact making me worse..
For years I was so fatigued, the mental exhaustion was terrifying.
With the correct testing & a video call consult with Kristan we went through step by step even from the beginning- child hood issues that hang on to us with out us being aware..
Since following the protocol I have made a complete turn around.
My tests have all come back right where they need to be.
At nearly 45 I am feeling alive and happy again.
There is so much to learn to work within our bodies.
My most important advice to anyone interested in booking an assessment with Kristan would be to be patient and stick to it as the results don’t happen over night but it does pay off for the long run..
Kristan’s knowledge & guidance has saved my life.
I will live by Kristan’s advice for the rest of my life, I am so lucky to have found her.

~ Bel Lee

Balancing our mind and body with support and help from natural minerals and whole foods, relaxation and addressing stress making time for our children and families learning to let go fears and love ourselves.

~ Hilary Grainger

Kristan’s knowledge, passion and dedication to helping and healing others is incredible. She doesn’t treat symptoms, but really gets to the root cause of any health issue. I recommend her highly!

~ Claire Holmes

Kristan is a gifted practitioner. She is intuitive, dedicated and also a great listener. She will help you to craft the best strategies to balance your minerals and reclaim your health. Kristan is a treasure and I am grateful for her support!

~ Tonya Engel

Kristan has always been very forthcoming with help, support and patience for me. She have always been willing to help me out or even just make suggestions to help. Thanks Kristan.

~ Jenny Lake

Kristan is knowledgable, helpful and very caring. She has taken me from a person living with constant pain to someone who is learning to live a normal life again. She has restored my health balance and helped me to love life again.

~ Steena Barnett

Kristan oozes compassion, knowledge and patience as she empowers others to best steward their health and happiness!

~ Jessica Herrera

What a divine healer Kristan is. Her knowledge and wisdom of minerals and beyond is a testament to her treatments.
With woman like Kristan supporting the rebalance of humanity, then we are all in safe hands.
Continue to shine your light Kristan. The world of medicine needs you

~ Cindy Currie

Kristan was born to help people. She is genuine and will go to the ends of the earth to help someone in need.

~ Donna Hocroft

Kristan’s knowledge on how to gain health & maintain it is just a gift. Very valuable.

~ Michelle Rekowski

I spent 2 years basically bedridden . Testing with Drs showed low iron levels but little else to explain what was going on. Kristen has supported me over and beyond and helped me to work on restoring balance and helping my body heal itself. I have struggled every inch of the way and Kristen has always been there to support me.

~ Selina Ridings

Thank you so much for your advice to my constant questions. You are ever patient. Thanks to much of your knowledge, my health & my pregnancies have gotten better. I am forever grateful to you for introducing me to MAG!

~ Kirsty-Lea Savage

Kristan is thorough, well researched and effective!

~ Annora Elizabeth Longhurst

A wealth of knowledge. Always ready with some encouragement and during my sister’s fight with cancer, no question was silly.

~ Amanda Jones

Kristan is brilliant and has helped thousands in their recovery from nutritional and minerals imbalances. I highly recommend her.

~ Stephanie Lirette Marceaux

Thanks Kristan for your guidance on the RCP. The RCP root cause protocol addresses what our cells need to be healthy. Using food sources to provide nutrients, knowing the essential minerals etc, how they work together, without vitamins from pharma.

Kristan’s computer skills & analysis of test results, work on the balance/imbalance of minerals etc. I’ve been very happy to continue with her support. Morley Robbins research of scientific research & Kristan’s biologist background supports this protocol!

~ Monika Courtney

A heart of gold with the highest intention for the wellbeing of others. Thank you for all the amazing advice. It has been so helpful on my journey of feeling better. Your thorough responses have made me research my information and implement small changes that I needed.

~ Marilou Coombe

Kristan is knowledgeable and supportive. I have visited many doctors over the years for various issues including eczema. Mineral balancing and diet changes is the only thing that has worked. Thank you for your guidance, Kristan.

~ Kim Druve

So grateful for people like Kristan who spend so much of their time and their life giving back! We really enjoyed the last mother course and have had fantastic results implementing the things she suggested. Thanks for all you do!

~ Lindsay Heaton Pendic

Kristan is a wealth of knowledge on minerals and supporting your health goals. Her adrenal cocktail has worked so well for me. I have more energy and sleep better.

~ Jayne Vidler

Kristan is highly professional with an exacting eye for the science of mineral balancing combined with an informed care and practice to the often traumatic origins of our depleted bodies.

~ Shelley Kay

Kristan is an Amazing Coach. As a mother she knows exactly how to help to other mothers who are seeking help for their kids. I personally liked that Kristan asks on what would client want to hear and take out of the session. She listens and gives you exactly what you want. She answers all questions and she goes straight to the point. She is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent.
Honestly consultation with Kristan – is the best money I have ever spend. Actually not even spending- I consider it as an investment in mine and my daughter’s health.

~ Daria Kuzney

Kristan is genuine, knowledgeable, available and incredibly helpful! She loves what she does and cares about the wellbeing of her clients!

~ Teya L. Smoothy

I have Crohn’s (diagnosis process started 2013) and Kristan has been patiently helping me since then. I have been slow on the uptake started a very basic protocol in 2015 and had my first hair analysis in 2016.
Everytime I’ve had a health crisis she is there and her advice and product info support have helped me overcome each time.
My crohn’s has improved each step I take on the protocol (proof in my 2nd hair analysis Jan 19) and she is still there supporting me through my journey.
I feel lucky to have found her and dread where my life would be if it wasn’t for her support.
Original review 2018
Kristan has always been available to help me on my journey back to health – her advice has helped me far more than modern medicine.

~ Jodie Coutts

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