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About Us

Supporting Balance

Supporting Balance was founded by Kristan Kershaw in 2017 as an evolution of her previous business which was established in 2013. and was based on her own family’s experience. Her work evolved from elimination diets and food intolerances into mineral balancing for better health and vitality. As Kristan became a facilitator of the Root Cause Protocol, the business grew and Supporting Balance now has a team of wonderful consultants who deliver consults alongside Kristan. We all love assisting people in finding their way to better health and more energy.

Many health problems are either caused or challenged by mineral deficiencies. Even with a healthy diet, something as seemingly simple as stress can leave you seriously depleted.

When you are stressed, your body uses more magnesium than you can possibly consume, which leaves your body feeling tired. Everything seems harder, and you feel twice your age when really your body is just craving the right mix of minerals to do its job and give you the energy you need to enjoy life.

Even with a chronic illness, you don’t have to feel rubbish every day

Most key nutrients and minerals we need exist naturally in certain foods. It’s just a matter of understanding what YOUR body needs through testing and consultation, and then mapping a course of action. The body is a self-healing mechanism but like any machine; if you don’t give it the right fuel, it won’t work too well!

It’s our job to help you interpret the messages your body is sending about what it needs to thrive for better health every day.

Our Team



My name is Kristan (rhymes with Suzanne), and I’m the founder of Supporting Balance. I am a Root Cause Protocol Consultant, and my work supports clients to take control of their health by addressing the unique, hidden mineral deficiencies holding them back. I have a background in science and a solid holistic health and natural nutrition focus. My well-documented story began with my kids, and I invite you to read our story if you’re interested in the wide variety of symptoms and ailments they’ve overcome with mineral balancing.

Headshot of Teresa Bowley


Senior rcp Consultant

My name is Teresa, and I have always been interested in health. I thought I was doing the right thing by following recommended health guidelines, but I can see now (with hindsight) that I was actually getting sicker. In 2013, I found out that my minerals were out of balance. After finding and implementing the Root Cause Protocol (RCP), I’ve found relief from food intolerances, joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and general body stiffness that I lived with for 20+ years.


RCP Consultant

My name is Rachel, and I discovered the RCP at a significant crossroads in my life. I can honestly say that my life is beautiful. But it hasn’t always been this way. I have experienced pain, strain, trauma, loss and illness, which negatively impacted my physical and mental health over the years until the RCP saved my life. Now I get to give back, by working as an RCP Consultant with the Supporting Balance team, and it is a privilege to help others through similar challenges. 

Headshot of Teresa Bowley


RCP Consultant

Hi, my name is Holly, and I am an RCP Consultant. I searched for a way to regain my health and vitality for nearly 2 decades after a misdiagnosis at age 16. I found the RCP in 2017, and since then, my health and my family’s health have improved dramatically.
I am both excited and grateful to be able to truly help people with the RCP, sharing tools and knowledge to bring their bodies back into balance.

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