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Supporting Balance

Supporting Balance was founded by Kristan Kershaw in 2017; previously known as ‘Elimin-ate’ (which Kristan had been operating since 2013). Kristan started Elimin-ate with a goal to support people in learning how elimination diets can assist in identifying triggers of food intolerances and reactions in general, and to relieve symptoms many experience. With time, the transition into a minerals focus meant it was time for a new name and Supporting Balance was born.

Supporting Balance has a team who work to assist you in your journey. We all love assisting people with finding their way in the easiest and most engaging manner!

Our Team


Kristan Kershaw

My name is Kristan Kershaw and I’m a Root Cause Protocol Consultant working with clients who want to take control of their health by addressing the unique, hidden mineral deficiencies holding them back.

Using science to understand your health and nature to “treat” it

With a background in science and a solid holistic health and natural nutrition focus, I can help you interpret the messages your body is sending about what it needs to thrive – for better health every day, and to support yourself in times of stress.

The most important thing?

Even with a chronic illness, you don’t have to feel rubbish every day

Many health problems are either caused or challenged by mineral deficiencies. Even with a healthy diet, something as seemingly simple as stress can leave you seriously depleted. But often, people think ‘I’m just getting older’, or ‘I need to work on my fitness’.

Did you know that when you are stressed, your body uses more magnesium than you can possibly consume, which can leave your body feeling tired? Everything seems harder, and you feel twice your age, when really your body is just craving the right mix of minerals to do its job and give you the energy you need to enjoy life.

Most key nutrients and minerals we need already exist naturally in certain foods. It’s just a matter of understanding what YOUR body needs through testing and consultation, and then mapping a course of action.

The body is a self-healing mechanism. But, like any machine, if you don’t give it the right fuel… it won’t work too well!

A change in diet won’t give you an overnight fix for your food intolerances or cure cancer. But, understanding and treating any mineral deficiencies hiding under the surface can give your body the best chance of success.

Why treat the symptom when addressing the problem is so simple?

My career launched with University study into the ecology of how systems work within the body and outside it. It wasn’t until I had the chance to really understand how mineral deficiencies are the root of many health challenges that I went on to start Supporting Balance in 2017. My journey stemmed from helping my children survive and thrive with a host of health issues, including asthma, eczema, food intolerances and severe reflux. I found some success by exploring elimination diets, until stumbling onto the world of minerals for consistently great results.

Since then, I’ve gone on to complete studies with the Root Cause Protocol Institute, which has led me to deliver training and support on key mineral principles for clients and medical professionals around the world.

Take control of your health – naturally

The scientist in me loves the almost black and white nature of minerals – understand what unique deficiencies exist within a body (and the ways the body tries to send a message about it), and you’ve got a road map for improving that person’s health.

At the same time, the wellness warrior in me loves that the solution is natural. For the most part, mineral deficiencies are addressed by diet alone, or in combination with natural food-based supplements.

There are so many simple choices you can make to support your body – and sneaky ways other choices, even ones that look healthy, steal minerals from your body. Many people don’t even realise the habits that are making their body feel stressed out and sick!

I’m here to help you adopt a lifestyle that supports your body, so you can avoid the hidden traps.

The end result? Vibrant health. Leap-out-of-bed energy. Bright eyes, skin, hair and nails, clear thinking and restful sleep. When your body feels that good, you’re giving it the best shot at healing.

Giving your health the unfair advantage

Working predominantly with my clients online or from my home in Brisbane, or even speaking at wellness events and corporate health initiatives, I love sharing what I know. Balancing your minerals lets you play an active role in your long-term health – and to do the same for your family.

It’s simple, it’s unique to your body and it works.

No matter if you’re fit and fabulous or facing a health challenge, there’s no better time to learn to listen to what your body really needs – the answer is simple!

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Teresa Bowley


Teresa has always been interested in health and wanting to always strive to do better. She has been curious about how our bodies run and from a young age always tried to eat healthily. Following recommended health guidelines, she thought she was doing great but in hindsight, she got sicker. She has never stopped looking for reasons why the health guidelines was not serving her.

When Teresa’s son was challenging during his younger years, she found that food influenced this and she dived deeply into understanding natural food chemicals, food additives and what they do to a sensitive body. In the process, she naturally fell into being involved in the Food Intolerance Network as a representative for Sue and Howard Dengate.

From her experience working with clients to resolve their food sensitivities, the discovery of the importance of minerals (via the Root Cause Protocol – RCP) was a natural and logical progression of her skills and knowledge.

In 2013, Teresa found out that her minerals were out of balance and ever since she started helping herself at that time, she’s become passionate about understanding the ‘why and how’, and has continuously shared this with others. Teresa’s own Root Cause Protocol (RCP) journey has helped her with food intolerances, joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and general body stiffness that she has lived with for over 20 years. In June 2017 she completed study at the same time as Kristan with Morley Robbins in the RCP Institute to become a certified RCP Consultant, and has been offering consultations since.

Teresa loves to work with people who are curious to find the underlying reason for their symptoms. She loves to help them feel better by learning about how minerals work in their body and how changes in lifestyle and mineral/vitamin intake can assist them in that journey.

In addition to her RCP training, Teresa has previously completed studies with Dr Rick Malter in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and is also currently studying towards a Bachelor of Western Herbal Medicine qualification, which complements her past skills, experience and studies extremely well.

Teresa is extremely knowledgeable in the nuts and bolts of the science behind the RCP, but also a gentle supporting consultant who guides clients in the ‘what do I need to do’ without overwhelming them with the science. She meets her clients where they need support and guidance, but also is ready to keep them accountable when needed too. She also offers ongoing support for those who needs motivation and accountability.

Teresa is passionate about sharing her knowledge to you and how you can gain your health back on your terms. Gaining the knowledge will help you gain confidence in becoming free from your aliments and get back to living as how you would like to live without your health being the focus of your attention every day.

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