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Hi, my name is Holly. I am so excited and grateful to now be in a position, as an RCP Consultant, where I can truly help people, by giving them the tools and knowledge they need, to bring their body back into balance.

I had been searching for a way to regain my health and vitality since a misdiagnosis at age 16 left me on a prescription of Antidepressants, and an unchecked case of Glandular Fever. For almost 2 decades, I spent a fortune on practitioners, treatments, and supplements. Yet, as the money was going down the drain, so too was my health and hope.

A friend then happened to tell me about the RCP. That was 2017. And since applying the information, my health, as well as my family and friend’s health, has only improved. My Dad, now 7 years cancer-free (Lymphoma) and still working 7 days a week, is my biggest supporter and the RCP’s biggest advocate. Whether they want to hear it or not, everyone he speaks to is told about how the body works, and how regulating minerals will turn their health around.

I believe in a holistic and whole food approach. I also have an interest in Ayurvedic medicine as well as other modalities which, like the RCP, are all about allowing our body to heal itself – the way it’s designed to!!!

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