What is the Root Cause Protocol (RCP)?

It is a research based lifestyle designed to support our bodies back to balance via predominantly food-based minerals, vitamins and stress reduction.

Most of us don’t have much awareness about what minerals do in our body, and why they may be important. The interplay between minerals, vitamins and other nutrients as a whole, is often overlooked in importance when we aren’t feeling 100%.

We also typically don’t get taught what impact stress has on how we function, on how those minerals/nutrients are impacted.

The beauty of the RCP is that the focus is on building a connection between nutrients/nutrient balance in our bodies and understanding what stress has to do with it.

Morley Robbins is the researcher behind the RCP, and he has spent over 10 years bringing together research from around the world on iron, copper, magnesium, retinol (vitamin A), electrolytes. It’s a really deep look at physiology and metabolics, but presented in a way that the majority of people can understand.

You can read more on the RCP website here.

In 2014 Kristan first worked with Morley (after reading his research for about 6 months). It was a complete game changer for her health and that of her family.

Teresa also worked with Morley around this time as well, and saw huge changes. You can read more about their journeys here.

Both Kristan and Teresa helped friends and family to learn more “unofficially” over the years because of how much it helped them… and they had encouragement by those they helped to train more formally in it. In 2017 both joined the first round of consultant training with Morley so they could help others.

Since that time have both been heavily involved in sharing the knowledge and supporting others to learn. Kristan has been involved in running many webinars and events with Morley since 2017 and now delivers the consultant training with Morley too. Teresa provides massive support behind the scenes of the RCP including being the Content Manager who helps keep resources ticking along within the website, membership and training areas.


You can see a back catalogue of webinars Kristan and Morley have done together here, sign up to the next webinar we will be running here and also you can find Kristan appearing live twice per month to answer questions with Morley within the RCP community here.

This Supporting Balance website has a range of resources to help you learn more about how you slot into this whole picture and what you can do to feel stronger, more energy or reduce your symptoms.

A great place to start is the ‘Start Here’ menu, or if you would like to work directly with us to get personalised support, you can find options under the ‘Work with Us‘ heading.

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