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Hi, my name is Rachel Crossingham, and I discovered the RCP at a significant crossroads in my life.

At 55 years of age, I can honestly say that my life is beautiful. But it hasn’t always been this way.

I have overcome much pain, strain, trauma, loss and illness which negatively impacted my physical and mental health over the years. The RCP has saved my life. Now working as an RCPC with the Supporting Balance team, it is a privilege to help others through similar challenges. 

My childhood was littered with disappointment and trauma. I had an explosive relationship with my mother, and the emotional safety net my father provided was shattered with my father’s sudden death when I was 8 years old. 

In my youth, I was never the picture of health. I was injury prone. My face was covered in pimples, I was overweight and I had very little self worth. My self-talk mirrored the disappointment and disapproval of my mother’s words. The impact of this relationship on my mental health carried with me into adulthood.

After finishing school I became a midwife. I got married and had three children. My first child suffered from colic, allergies and ear infections. He cried and cried and did not sleep. I suffered post-natal depression, but it went undiagnosed.

Later, my husband and I chose to become foster parents to two high-needs children. At a similar time, my mother’s health began to deteriorate. The stress from parenting, shift-work and stretched finances piled up and my health continued to suffer. 

My mother passed away from dementia when I was 45, 8 years after her first symptoms. I nursed her until the end.

I was starting to experience migraines and I was gaining weight. I was diagnosed as anaemic and prescribed iron, which I took for 18 months with no improvement.

When I turned 50, I thought that was it.

I believed I was dying of an undiagnosed disease. I had no energy. I had merciless migraines, hot flashes, fatigue and depression. I was breathless and couldn’t walk far. I was fatter than I’d ever been, but I ate very little. Food didn’t interest me, and I was rarely hungry. When I did eat the food would spank me, so I vacillated between holding off eating till I was weak and shaking, to eating and feeling ill, bloated, fuzzy in the head with some form of a headache. I always had a headache and a sore throat. I was still working (as I always was) managing a hospital. I was still funny, entertaining, and kind, but at home, I sat, did the bare minimum and prayed for a miracle.

When I would do rounds with a doctor at work and he/she would report their findings to the patient as to what was found (cancer, inflammation, intrauterine death and so on). The patients all asked the doctor WHY, and for the most part, they didn’t have the answer. They’d say things like, “It’s just the way of it”; or, “We don’t know why.”

Just like me, they had symptoms but no answers. They didn’t know WHY.

Then one day I was on Facebook, and the algorithm suggested Morley Robbins and his “My theory of everything.” I became transfixed. I had a deep knowing that I had found the reason for why I felt so awful. I had discovered WHY, and with that, came HOPE.

I had two weeks of annual leave coming up, so I dedicated it to doing an immersion in the Magnesium Advocacy Group. I couldn’t get enough. I zoomed from one disease to the other revealing the real reason. I began getting supplies. I followed the STOPS. I stopped taking ascorbic acid, iron and zinc. I soaked in a foot bath of magnesium every day and inhaled articles and information about minerals and delighted in peeling back the lies to see the real root cause. Every now and then I was surprised to feel happy, light or delighted. I noticed the sky or sun more or even the beauty around me. Later I learnt that magnesium was a spiritual mineral that sparks creativity and life.

Morley came to Brisbane for his first world tour. I took myself along, and I loved it.

I was coming back to life. My rusted spark plugs were firing again. With the RCP, my health returned and with it my joy and love of life. 

Since discovering the RCP and its potential to help so many other people, I have trained with the RCP Institute to become an RCP Consultant. With the Supporting Balance team I am now able to combine my 36 years of experience in nursing and midwifery with the RCP to assist others on the road back to health. 

I feel so privileged to help people and make a difference, it fulfills me!

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