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Adrenal Cocktails: Tell me more!

Here at Supporting Balance, we focus on minerals and nutrients, and in our consults we help people to understand what they do in the body and why they’re important. An adrenal cocktail is one of the things that we recommend people start doing early on.

What is an adrenal cocktail?

It’s not something you’d find in a cocktail bar, it’s actually a healthy electrolyte drink!

So why do we recommend them? 👀

Adrenals are little glands on top of our kidneys and these little things run so many things in our body! Adrenal glands are heavily involved in how we respond to stress responses, but also how our electrolytes flow in and around our kidneys and in our blood. They help to regulate a whole lot inside our bodies. If you’ve ever had the adrenaline rush (yes, it’s all of us), or had to deal with stress (yep, also all of us), that is when those little adrenal glands are working hard for you.

The more stress you have, the more out of whack our adrenal glands become.

If you’ve ever heard anyone say, ‘I’ve got adrenal fatigue’ it’s because those little glands can get really overworked. That’s when exhaustion, physical breakdowns, mental health challenges (and so many other things) start to show up.

You don’t have a lot left to give and it’s often because your adrenals are really not handling things very well.

The adrenal cocktail is a healthy way to support those adrenal glands. It can help you have a bit more energy in your day and gives you some important whole food vitamin c and electrolytes, to also help in other ways.

Start off with half the recipe pictured.

Adrenal Support Adrenal Cocktail

What kind of salt should you use?

For the salt, use something like Celtic salt or Himalayan salt. DO NOT USE TABLE SALT. Avoid processed salt.

It’s a bit of an interesting combination, right? You might be thinking hmm, I’m not entirely sure about how that will taste… it’s like tangy, salty orange juice. It’s a little strange at first, but after a while, you get used to it.


What if I don’t like it?

If it’s really revolting to you, don’t push through it; try another recipe. If it’s just a bit weird, keep going for a few days, and see how you go. You’ll probably find the taste isn’t so bad after two or three weeks. If you stop, notice how you’re feeling – you’ll probably notice it! Maybe you don’t sleep as well, maybe you experience an afternoon lull. Pay attention.


Adrenal Cocktails – a wrap up

In summary – start with half the recipe, and have one every day. Then work your way up slowly to the full recipe, without rushing. If you can, try not to have it with meals, but if that’s the only time you can have an adrenal cocktail it’s better than not having one at all. Then you can work up to two per day and see how you go.

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