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Guest blog from Claire Kerslake

About Claire Kerslake

I’m Claire Kerslake and I’m a retired registered nurse and EFT practitioner. EFT is a powerful and proven holistic complementary therapy. It can painlessly reduce stress and anxiety, as well as clear what’s keeping us stuck, whether that’s in health, business or life. In my practice, I’ve seen incredible results again and again. When I first heard about EFT, I was sceptical, but after becoming aware of the impressive body of quality evidence supporting its effectiveness, I gave it a go and became hooked!

Claire sits on a chair outside.

What is EFT?

EFT (emotional freedom technique) is often called ‘tapping’. It is a wonderful mindset tool that has been described as a stress reduction technique. EFT uses a two-finger tapping process on acupressure points on the face and upper body.

There is a ton of high-quality evidence supporting the effectiveness of tapping, and I know from my own experience tapping on myself, tapping with someone else and also in my work with clients, the shifts can feel miraculous. But if you’ve been tapping and it just doesn’t seem to have been working, what then?

Claire sits on a chair outside.

Let’s take a look at five things that will help:



1. Be specific

With tapping, the more specific you can be, the better. Put what’s coming up for you in your own words. Don’t censor yourself – now is not the time for politeness or to decide not tap on something because you feel like you shouldn’t be feeling that way. Whatever you’re thinking and feeling is there for a reason. Let those swear words fly! My clients know that our sessions are a judgement-free zone. And if you’re tapping by yourself, suspend any judgement of yourself and surround yourself with self compassion instead.


2. Get out of your head and into your body

Tapping can be really effective when we tap on the feelings and emotions in our bodies. But if you’re like I used to be, this may seem like a foreign language. As a rule, we can tend to spend so much time in our heads overthinking that tuning in to feelings and body sensations can feel very different. When you’re tuning in to what you’re going to be tapping on, turn your attention to your body. Are there any sensations in your body that you may be aware of. Often, with emotion, we feel things down the centre line of our bodies eg our throat, our chest and our belly. Sensations may be a tightness in our throat or chest, or a dark hole or churning in our belly. There is no right or wrong. Then you can either name these sensations or simply tap on ‘this feeling in my throat’, for instance.


3. Make sure you’re tapping on the acupressure points

We know from recent research that it’s important to tap on the acupressure points – just tapping on other parts of the body doesn’t work. So it’s important to know where those points are.

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4. Don’t stop tapping too early

Stopping tapping too soon is a common reason why it feels like the tapping doesn’t work. Before each tapping round, rate the intensity of the issue out of 10 where 10 is the most intense you can imagine. Then tap until the intensity around the issue is one or less. This gives a really measurable indication of whether you’ve cleared an issue or not.


5. Tap on the negative and don’t go positive too soon

Many of us have lived through the positive thinking movement, and it can feel really strange initially to be tapping on negative statements. But we’re really just stating what is already there, and if we ignore it and just tap on positive statements, the tapping won’t be as effective. So you might tap on ‘Even though I’ll never meet my income goal no matter what I do’, instead of ‘I meet my income goal with grace and ease’. By all means, finish your tapping round with a positive round at the end once you’ve cleared what’s coming up for you around the issue.

It’s also important to mention that there might be underlying reasons why it doesn’t feel safe to clear something. If this is the case, it can be worth journaling on why it would be beneficial NOT to clear whatever you’ve been tapping on and work on that first. And, of course, when you work with an EFT practitioner, they will always spot what you can’t and often see really quickly exactly what you should REALLY be tapping on!

Kristan works with Claire closely and has experienced a number of EFT sessions with Claire. She highly recommends EFT to friends and family as it has been instrumental for her own personal healing journey. She also recommends EFT to Supporting Balance clients as an RCP Consultant. EFT is a recommended modality for managing emotional stress, and is included in the Root Cause Protocol.

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