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Over it – with Kristan & Suzanne

Over-it is the podcast for those who are done over-doing, over-consuming, over-working, and over-giving – it’s time to become self-focused and finally take care of you!

Join Kristan and Suzanne as they share valuable tools for getting sh*t done that you want to get done, saying Yes to yourself and No to others, and finally taking small steps towards whole-hearted acceptance.

Join us as we explore the connection between our physical body and your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

This week:

Address adrenal fatigue with the adrenal cocktail

February 8, 2023 –  48 min 

Join Kristan and Suzanne for an interview to understand what on earth this ‘yucky juice’ stuff is that they keep mentioning.

Highlights from this episode…

  • Addressing adrenal fatigue with yucky juice (aka adrenal cocktails) and how they came to have that nickname.
  • Who may find them beneficial and what the components provide to your body?
  • Why is there a focus on whole food vitamin c instead of ascorbic acid. What really is the difference anyway?
  • Why we are SO focused on doing the best you can with ingredients, timing, etc of this natural energy boosting drink.
  • How one simple drink with orange juice (or other whole food vitamin c), sodium and potassium can make a difference to our body…

Base recipe:

½ cup orange juice (fresher the better, organic is awesome if you can! Avoid anything else in the OJ you use)

¼ tsp salt (avoid table salt)

¼ tsp cream of tartar


Links for those wanting to find out more how they can make adrenal cocktails:


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