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Here are five ways to help reduce muscle and facial twitches. Review these areas and see what changes you could make.

#1 Additives

This is any packaged foods with additives (“numbers”) – preservatives, colours etc. Ditch them if you can!

#2 Observe

Any additional stress in your routine right now or in recent weeks? Can you simplify?

#3 Changes

Have you started exercise or increased it significantly? It may be stressing your body.

#4 Intake

Are you drinking enough water and taking in enough magnesium sodium and potassium (electrolytes)?

#5 Foods

Check your diet – any new foods you have suddenly added, or other foods you haven’t had in a while? Again, simplify!

If you want personal help with any of these, or other aspects of your health/balance, please reach out and our team of consultants can help direct to the best option for you.

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