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Let’s look at how the Root Cause Protocol supports our bodies with the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and other brain-related neurodegeneration. Our lifestyle is connected so let’s explore what we can do.

What foods can we eat to increase bioavailable copper/retinol? What do we need to stop?

1. Eat grass-fed butter, free-ranging eggs, whole food vitamin C, grass-fed beef liver
2. A whole-food, ideally organic diet
3. Stop synthetics added to our food, transition away from anything packaged

What can we do to reduce the excess iron if we have too much?

1. Donate blood
2. EFT/emotional work to reduce the fear/emotional stress

What leads to the imbalances in the first place?


If you want to learn more, please reach out and book a consult (for yourself or a loved one).

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