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Yes, you did read fluffy bread which is gluten and so many other things free!

First of all, full credit to Trish, the lady behind ‘Failsafe Foodie’ (see original here)… she gave me some sanity back many years ago, and saved my hip-pocket from trying more breads that I just couldn’t eat anyway due to reactions to ingredients AND which is quite tasty too.

Now I have changed the recipe to be Thermomix friendly and swapping sugar for rice malt syrup since I have my Thermomix to do it now and am trying to minimise processed sugar, which is hard when you are on a heavily restricted diet. We often leave the sugar source out now too and it still works.

The recipe seems to be much fluffier and more perfect than I have ever managed to achieve with a stand mixer.

Mind you, its important to note, I have found rice flour type does matter with this. More about that below the recipe.

600g water
2 tsp yeast
1 tbsp rice malt syrup (or approx 20g works fine)
4 tbsp psyllium husks
20g oil (I have used many types – all work fine)
100g brown rice flour*
170g white rice flour *
100g sorghum flour
170g tapioca or arrowroot starch
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder


  1. Mill rice into flour (if needed) – 2 min/speed 10. Set aside
    (You should be mindful of following your Thermomix instructions for how much to mill at a time – I do 250g). 
  2. Add water and rice malt syrup into Thermomix bowl. Mix at 37 degrees C for approx 2 minutes on speed 1 – until heated and well mixed/dissolved.
  3. Add yeast, mix on speed 1 for ~30 seconds.
  4. Leave approximately 10 minutes to activate yeast – ideally while preparing dry ingredients to add later.
  5. Add psyllium husk and mix on speed 1 for 10-15 seconds until gently mixed. Ideally leave for a few minutes to ‘gel’ up.
    Leaving longer can be worth it – depends on your need. Another 10+ mins is ideal.
  6. Add oil then dry ingredients.
  7. Knead mixture for 2 minutes on the interval setting.
  8. Put mixture into prepared/greased loaf tin/s**.
  9. Leave in a warm place to proof for 20-60 minutes.
    NOTE: the longer the better I have found, but it works well ok with 20 minutes on a warm day. Aim is to allow to double in volume.
  10. Bake in a pre-heated 200-220 degree C oven for about 50 minutes (will vary between ovens, mine cooks extremely quickly, so after ~40 is done).
  11. Remove from tin and cool on rack.

Lazy version where you just need dough in a hurry:

  1. Mill rice as needed
  2. Measure pre-heated water into Thermomix or measure cold water in add rice malt (if using), yeast and psyllium husk and combine then heat to 37C for ~1.5-2 minutes then go onto adding ingredients as per #6 above
  3. Knead and use as required

Extra notes:

  1. You can pre-heat the water in your kettle or thermomix
  2. When made in the Thermomix, it does get more aerated and/or rise more, so, it can be prone to overflowing in a standard loaf tin.
  3. Sometimes I use a standard tin + a mini loaf tin (as pictured) – otherwise a large “bakers” tin (designed for ~800g loaves) will work well
  4. This mix will hand-roll into bread rolls, be rolled out to make pizza bases, scrolls etc – it’s very versatile.
  5. I actually just do 270g white rice flour. Results may be best with brown and white flour but we have done a combination of medium and long grain white rice for years without issue; picture is from using rice flour prepared in the Thermomix from medium grain white rice.
  6. If you coat your measuring spoons with a little oil before adding the rice malt syrup, it will all come out easily and avoid a sticky mess. Or just weigh it ?
  7. I have been known in the past to “cheat” par-bake in the microwave. I no longer use a microwave at all, but if you do, you could try proving first, then cook the loaf in a silicone loaf “tin” for 7 minutes at 700w and then 15 minutes at about 200C.


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