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Nxgen Grass Fed Beef Spleen – 160 Caps

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Beef Spleen is rich in protein, healthy fats and heme iron.

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NXGEN Beef Spleen Capsules contain all of the naturally occurring nutrients in a healthy spleen, including minerals, fats and peptides such as Tuftsin & Splenopentin to boost immune health. Bovine spleen extracts have been used for centuries to support allergy and are known to modulate and improve immunity. NXGEN Beef Spleen Capsules are chemical-free and are sourced from humanely raised Lake Eyre beef in Central Australia that feeds on native grasses nourished by mineral-rich soil.

Benefits of Consuming Spleen:

  • Supports Spleen Health*
  • Supports Immune & Allergy Health*
  • Supports Inflammatory Health*
  • Supports Blood Health*
  • Supports Iron Health (5 x’s More Heme Iron Than Liver)*

Beef spleen is a traditional food that is used in many cuisines around the world, rich in protein, heme iron and healthy fats. Heme Iron can only be obtained from red meat and is iron derived from haemoglobin already attached to protein that is highly bioavailable, meaning it gets straight into the blood stream.  Heme deficiency can cause aneamia, porphyrias and alzheimers.*

Our pasture raised freeze-dried spleen from Grass-Fed Australian cattle sourced from Lake Eyre provides the benefits of this healing food, containing all of the known nutrients that naturally occur in a healthy spleen, including minerals, peptides and special nutritional factors.

Serving Size: 4 Capsules per serve

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