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Over it – with Kristan & Suzanne

Over-it is the podcast for those who are done over-doing, over-consuming, over-working, and over-giving – it’s time to become self-focused and finally take care of you!

Join Kristan and Suzanne as they share valuable tools for getting sh*t done that you want to get done, saying Yes to yourself and No to others, and finally taking small steps towards whole-hearted acceptance.

Join us as we explore the connection between our physical body and your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

This week:

Food is medicine with Kristen Ottaway

March 22, 2023 – 47 min 

It’s REALLY hard these days to know how to best nourish your body and that of your family. The simplicity of getting fresh fruit and vegetables from local grocers who source their produce locally has become more and more distant of a memory for most of us, and you never quite know where the food has come from and often have to trust that it’s going to be nutrient dense.

Kristan is really passionate about helping people to learn how to optimise nutrients in – including making sure that we come to know that the food we eat today from the fruit and veg section at our supermarket (or even sometimes local grocers) is not what it once was nutrients wise! It may have been stored for many months from harvest, with diminishing nutrients. It may have been sprayed with pesticides that are not really meant to be eaten and growing conditions are often poor so they look nice but don’t taste as good nor last as long as they once did.

There’s an impact on the nutrients and benefits we get based on how the produce is farmed and how long between harvesting and arriving at our local store.

The good news is there’s a growing farming community around Australia (and the world) who are aiming to maximise the nutrients while also supporting local farmers. Regenerative agriculture aims to result in improved land health and as a result the quality of produce improves too – win-win for all of us!

Today we talked with Kristen Ottaway from Spray Free Farmacy in South East Queensland (Australia) and covered things you can start to do no matter where you are based. We talk about some small steps you can use to help you get started… plus some areas to learn more about if you are curious.

In today’s episode, you can learn more about:

  • What is the premise of Spray Free Farmacy?
  • How did ‘Spray Free Farmacy’ come to exist?
  • Where do I start if I want to change to buying spray free produce?
  • What’s the difference between spray free and organic produce?
  • Understanding what a “CSA” is and how it can be a useful starting point.
  • Using the “dirty dozen” to help you as another starting point. Select some spray free or organic produce to prioritise due to the heavy load of chemicals often used in general farming during their growth.

Some documentaries mentioned:

  • Kiss the ground: documentary about farming processes and the impact.
  • Regenerative agriculture film: Polyfaces – Joel Salatin
  • What’s with wheat – Cyndi O’Meara
  • Charlie Arnott Podcast “The regenerative journey” – a favourite of Kristan’s relating to regenerative agriculture.

Listener offer: for anyone in South East Queensland – use OVERIT – code for $20 off your first order with Spray Free Farmacy

How to connect with Kristen Ottaway/ Spray Free Farmacy:

Website: https://sprayfreefarmacy.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sprayfreefarmacy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sprayfreefarmacy/


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