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Over it – with Kristan & Suzanne

Over-it is the podcast for those who are done over-doing, over-consuming, over-working, and over-giving – it’s time to become self-focused and finally take care of you!

Join Kristan and Suzanne as they share valuable tools for getting sh*t done that you want to get done, saying Yes to yourself and No to others, and finally taking small steps towards whole-hearted acceptance.

Join us as we explore the connection between our physical body and your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

This week:

Why you shouldn’t wait

January 5 2023 – 1hr 1 min 

We all know what it’s like to want to join a program and tell ourselves “I’ll just wait for the next round.”

Is there any truth behind that statement? Will we jump in next time? Or is this just an excuse we tell ourselves to keep ourselves from taking action?

Join Kristan and Suzanne as they discuss why you shouldn’t wait. They use Suzanne’s program Why W8? as an example, but this discussion could be used for any program you are considering.

Highlights from today’s episode…

  • Why did Suze create Why W8?
  • When did Why W8? start and how it’s evolved.
  • How to make the most out of the first week of the program.
  • Why W8? is NOT a prescription, it’s designed to fit in with your day to day life.
  • If you’re telling yourself that you need to get ready, what are you actually going to do?
  • Pricing transparency

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