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Did you know there are multiple electrolytes our bodies need?

Typically people think of salt/sodium (‘Na’) first and foremost, but potassium (‘K’), magnesium (‘Mg’), chloride (‘Cl’) and even calcium (‘Ca’)are also important too.

In our experience and research, most people get plenty of calcium (even when not eating dairy!), but the other electrolytes are consumed less yet critically important for cellular function throughout our bodies.

Potassium is in many fruit and veg and coconut water; if need be, options like potassium chloride can be helpful to get both components.

Chloride is also in many foods and is more readily obtained – don’t fear it because it sounds like chlorine! They are different.

Sodium is often feared, but when balanced with plenty of potassium and mag throughout the day, it works to help us stay healthy too.

Getting a mixture of these daily gives you a better foundation for your body to keep up daily and deal with life’s stress! Experiment with quantities and be curious. You may feel better when you include a lot more than you expect.

If you’re ready to get tailored electrolyte support and improve your health, then book a free 15-minute Zoom call with one of our team. We’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve and then point you in the right direction when it comes to consults and support.

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