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A client recently asked Rachel about the relationship between magnesium and constipation.

Here is her response:

“You are correct, a large dose of magnesium may cause increased bowel activity/loose bowels, and that is what you are longing for I expect. The generally accepted magnesium dose per day is 10 mg/kg/day. So if you weigh 60kg you would take 600mg of magnesium as daily maintenance. You can view magnesium products on our website here. A lot of us need more than this daily dose of course, due to stressors and metabolic needs. When we exceed the amount of magnesium our body can tolerate at one time, it will be released ‘out the back’, so to speak.”

In addition to this, it’s worth being mindful of how quickly you add magnesium to your routine. Quickly bumping up magnesium when you aren’t used to it may not only leave your bowel activity higher, but you may feel more tired or generally feeling ‘not quite right’. It doesn’t mean you don’t need magnesium, but you may have added too much, too quickly.

In the same conversation, the client then asked about magnesium hydroxide.

“The magnesium hydroxide you have gives you 410 mg of magnesium hydroxide in 1/3 teaspoon. So mix this into 1/2 a glass of water or juice so you can deliver the dose in one hit {for occasional use to provide constipation relief only}. This is an article I found with some sound advice regarding taking magnesium hydroxide for constipation. Please consider all the contraindications and precautions within this article before taking excess magnesium.

A recommended brand of Milk of Magnesia (MOM) recommends 2,400 mg – 4,800 mg of MOM as a one off dose for acute constipation. So by my calculations, you would need 2 teaspoons (2,460 mg) up to 3 and 2/3 teaspoons(4,510 mg) in a one-off dose at bedtime or in several doses over the day.

As you know, we are not doctors, and we do not give medical advice. Seeing your doctor is recommended for long-term, chronic constipation or for sudden onset constipation that is not relieved by simple home remedies, as constipation can be related to other health conditions.

Constipation can also be related to mineral imbalance and the effect of that stress and other life stressors on our system. This is where the Supporting Balance team can help. By booking a consult with one of our consultants, you peel back the story and impact of mineral imbalance on your body and begin to rebalance your whole system. The goal of the RCP is to help you restore mineral balance, thereby helping your body make energy more efficiently and run smoothly”.


– Rachel
Root Cause Protocol Consultant

If you’re ready to get tailored support for your body, then book a free 15-minute zoom call with one of our team. We’ll discuss your situation, what you’d like to achieve and point you in the right direction with our consult options.

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