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“Our eyes are supposed to be making eight times more ferroxidase than our brains in a nutritional/medical environment that has gone out of its way in the past 50+ years to destroy the body’s and the eye’s ability to make ferroxidase enzyme”

– Morley Robbins

Our eyes need sunlight to create ceruloplasmin in the eyes and for the brain, plus to trigger natural cascades in the body signalling circadian rhythm.

Ceruloplasmin is an antioxidant enzyme critical to reduce oxidative stress throughout our bodies – we need it everywhere, but its notably important in critical organs, including our brains and our eyes.

Research shows that “the eyes make 8 x more ferroxidase enzyme (ceruloplasmin) than the brain” yet so much of the food and “health” systems around us are detrimental to overall ferroxidase enzyme creation.

Boiling that down… if we get our sunlight through filtered ways – sunglasses, windows, after eye surgery (etc) we will impact on our ability to make antioxidant enzymes in our eyes, which will likely impact on our brain too.

Since dropping sunglasses use after I stopped having photosensitivity, I feel like my eyes are stronger than ever! My eyes can now make what they need to and there is less strain on them.

The only exception I’d say to this is… the use of blue blocking glasses is worthwhile when we are using screens a lot – that’s light you do NOT want lots of in your brain.

– Kristan

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