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Let’s talk about the impact travel has on our bodies.

When travelling, our bodies are often under additional stress and we have different needs minerals and electrolytes wise, to keep us in balance.

If we are sitting for long periods of time such as long flights, we need to make sure we are well hydrated, that we keep up our nutrients generally as best we can, and we implement techniques to bring down the inevitable stress response of things not going to plan.

Three tips to help you next time you travel:

1. Pack any regular supplements such as magnesium, whole food vitamin c and cod liver oil capsules into “weekly“ pill sorter trays and have that with you in your hand luggage. Quick to access and helps keep routine

2. Measure out the salts for adrenal cocktail recipes so you can easily get a single-serve adrenal cocktail on the run. I use small tubs for salad dressings and top them up later as I go OR get a friend to make “ready to go” adrenal cocktail capsules for me to take.

3. Pack some digestive enzymes or “betaine HCl” to use when eating unfamiliar meals – your digestion may be impaired while you are stressed with travel, so support it!

Do what you can to help your body travel better during the disruptive time of long flights, driving or other long haul trips. Make sure you don’t introduce anything new when travelling – do a trial run on everything before you go!

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