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Over it – with Kristan & Suzanne

Over-it is the podcast for those who are done over-doing, over-consuming, over-working, and over-giving – it’s time to become self-focused and finally take care of you!

Join Kristan and Suzanne as they share valuable tools for getting sh*t done that you want to get done, saying Yes to yourself and No to others, and finally taking small steps towards whole-hearted acceptance.

Join us as we explore the connection between our physical body and your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

This week:

If a little is good, a lot must be better

March 29 2023 – 50 min 

Kristan and Suzanne discussed their experiences with implementing things to help reduce symptoms and/or make changes in their routines.

They also discuss some of the negative impacts from both family and clients from rushing into implementing changes.

Tune in today for…

  • Understanding how a personalised steady ‘one thing at a time’ plan can help you make more progress than rushing into many things quickly because you want to feel better, yesterday.
  • Working towards long term gains rather than quick changes and short term relief followed by things not working.
  • Introducing the Root Cause Protocol (RCP) that Kristan uses in her work is best done in this way – one new thing every 5 – 7 days and listen to the feedback your body provides.
  • Everyone has the same building blocks needed for nutrition and metabolism, but individual needs do vary because of lifestyle, environment and stress.
  • Kristan discusses a new program coming to her business later in 2023.
  • Suzanne shared her experience throughout the episode in working with Kristan and the benefits of sustainable changes this work offers.


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