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Hi everyone, it’s Kristan here and today I want to share our story on how we healed our kids of eczema and asthma and supported improvement in their learning and development.

Initially, we did an elimination diet – gluten, dairy, low salicylates, amines, glutamates plus completing avoiding additives, this cleared up the eczema and asthma especially and calmed the kids. At around 6-7 years old, this was a massive help to how they could learn at school and made home life a lot easier to cope with, especially while I was juggling a very sick baby.

I didn’t feel that long-term elimination diets were a good way to keep them low in symptoms though – if we added some foods back in, we would get symptoms back. It wasn’t just a matter of pushing through though either – it was stressing their bodies and not helping them heal… catch 22!

I started to evaluate doing ‘GAPS’, using ‘biomed’ options with an integrative medical practitioner and when I came across the magnesium information from Morley Robbins, just after having had the pharmacist suggest we needed more magnesium with my youngest for her reflux, suddenly everything I had been experiencing with the older kids AND me made sense.

We started with magnesium being introduced to their baths, then on their feet at night before bed. Gradually, when I was game, added whole food vitamin c. Just these few things made a HUGE difference to them!

Fast forward a couple of years of slow introduction, and we travelled to visit family overseas – no way of making our own meals at times, and having to access whatever local gluten-free foods we could get… guess what? NO major reactions across a three-week trip. We could barely believe it.

That was 2016, and we’ve liberated our diet even further now – we eat gluten-free (suspect two of the kids are coeliac) and beyond that, avoid additives, aim for organic food where possible and don’t limit pretty much anything whole food-wise. The kids are allowed to self regulate (they are still typical kids – like some things and dislike their fair share too) but past food triggers now are generally long-gone and we do not have any eczema, asthma or strong behavioural/emotional things to manage like we once did.

The kids get as wide of a range of general food intake, plus we make sure they get plenty of whole food vitamin c, magnesium, plenty of other electrolytes (sodium and potassium particularly), plus cod liver oil, beef liver and vitamin e within their routine.

If you would like to learn more about how we could help you, please reach out or book a consult on our website.

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