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NXGEN Grassfed Beef Organs

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100% Australian, made from Lake Eyre beef in Central Australia that graze on only native grasses unique to Australia.

Some organs in the mix are from organic animals (liver, kidneys), but due to sourcing needs for some organs for this product, not all are organic. ALL animal organs included in this product are grass fed and finished and are raised in regeneratively farmed properties.

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NXGEN Grassfed Beef Organs Capsules

NXGEN Grassfed Beef organs capsules are an Australian product originating from Lake Eyre beef. There are no GMO’s, antibiotics or hormones, and other added items.

LIVER (500mg) is the most nutrient dense food and provides the most amount of natural multi-vitamins and minerals. Liver is rich in bioavailable heme iron, B vitamins and vitamin A as retinol to support energy demands and liver health.*

KIDNEY (500mg) is a source of naturally occurring selenium, contains DAO to help manage histamine levels, helps with thyroid health, immunity and urinary tract health. *

HEART (500mg) is the richest source of naturally occurring CoQ10 ubiquinol, to support optimal heart health, to help regulate blood pressure and aid mitochondria health.

BONE MARROW (500mg) is a source of glycine, proline, red and yellow marrow. Assists GI Tract Health,* provides amino acids to support cartilage repair and growth, contributes to bone and joint health, to aid mobility and immunity.

160 capsules per bottle. NXGEN suggest taken 2 capsules before meals.


5 in stock


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