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How do I do this with kids?

We often question ourselves when it comes to parenting as we want to make sure that every single thing we do for our kids will benefit them and not hinder. I did this myself when I started to change my kids routine and introduced more nutrients and minerals into their life.

With time, I learned to trust my gut, my mother’s intuition, and to do changes on the fly (which I still do now) based on a lot of things I observe or sense with the kids… eg if they are getting run down and small things are showing up, I’ll increase how much “whole food” vitamin c they get (none of that ascorbic acid stuff)!

I don’t do anything dramatic, but I have let myself learn gently over time. This started with me keeping a note for each day in my phone, it included:

1) Food eaten

2) Sleep/waking/events/activity habits for the day

3) Toileting

4) Medication or supplement routines

This helped me so much to get more in touch with what was going on, and to not feel I had to rely on my memory all the time. I would highly recommend doing something – even if it’s just a few very basic notes each day – getting to know your routines and habits is very useful.

If you want to get more magnesium and trace minerals into your routine, try the following suggestions:

1. Put a few drops in cooking water or when preparing a dish with a sauce included. Everyone eating the dish will get just a little at a time!

2. Start with a few drops in a larger drinking bottle of your normal drinking water. Build up when you feel ready to try some more.

3. Put some drops into a small glass of water or another flavoured liquid (eg juice) and drink it as a shot.

Different people like different things – we make dedicated drinks morning and night for our family with the drops in. This was introduced slowly and built up, and as the kids grow, we have increased how much they have each day.

Talking about my kids, many of you may have heard me talk a lot about my youngest daughter and her health challenges as a baby, plus a few of my own challenges. What I haven’t talked about for a while is the help I’ve provided to my older kids.

My eldest daughter used to have a lot of anxiety and social overwhelm to contend with. It presented as confidence issues, she was heavily intimidated and overwhelmed in social situations and her own self confidence really took a hit if she was put on the spot or even if she had warning. This was all made way worse by eating certain foods!

We have supported her to learn ways to manage her emotions, but having added minerals to her routine beyond food has changed her capacity to cope in school, and she has stepped up to be a leader when in upper primary school and is now in an extension program in high school!

If you need more personalised support, you can reach out for a consultation!

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