Online Meetings with Us

Getting ready to meet online with Kristan or Teresa

If you book in for a consultation with Kristan or Teresa, you will likely be meeting with them via Zoom. These notes are here to help you to know what to do next, if you have never used Zoom before!

After you have booked a time, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a link to meet at your confirmed time. Your email confirmation will likely look something like the following image.

The highlighted boxes show you the date of your consult (in your timezone), the link you will click to meet with Kristan or Teresa and the duration of your consultation.

(If you are not in Australia, you will have been encouraged to use the International options to book your appointment. This makes it easier for you to get a suitable time which will hopefully fit your timezone!).


Setting up Zoom

You can click on the link at any time, to help you setup your device for use during the consultation. We encourage you to do this well in advance of your session, so you can do any setup tasks that may take a few minutes, not just as we are due to meet! 🙂

The zoom website has some great help areas you can use if you need assistance. This is a great area to start with if you need help.

You will likely get a reminder or two before your consult – all of the emails will have the same link, so you should only need to check it once before the consultation.


On the day of your consultation

If you have done a practice run before your consult, you should be able to just click the link provided in one of your emails. You will then be in a waiting room until your session begins.

If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, once the session is under way, you will likely have the capacity to record your consultation. This can be a great way to watch back later if you need to. We often can only take in some of what we hear, so it’s a great way to learn more later if we re-listen.

Zoom typically saves the videos to a ‘zoom’ folder within your ‘Documents’ area. If you have finished a consultation and aren’t sure where to look… start there!

Kristan or Teresa can assist you with recording at their end if you don’t have the ability to record on your device.

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