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For a while now my 15-year-old has been dealing with annoying ingrown toenails. We have been to the Dr several times and have had small wedge resections done with little effect. Recently his toes have flared up and we have been trying to manage the situation at home. Without putting you off your lunch let’s just say his toes were looking slightly swollen, red, and inflamed. It was time to do something more for them.

A friend mentioned trying a potato poultice on them. She described 2 situations where she had used them with great success.

Firstly, her son had a repetitive large, painful and debilitating abscess on his buttock that was looking like it needed surgery. The Dr had provided a script of antibiotics to be used if the situation flared further as they waited for the surgeon’s appointment. During this time, she heard about using a potato poultice, so she gave it a go and 3 days later her son was back at school, enjoying sport and the abscess never returned. Amazing!

The second scenario occurred when her adult daughter was thrown from a jet ski on Boxing Day 2 years ago. X Rays revealed no breaks but a lot of soft tissue damage which required a moon boot, crutches. Pain relief, physiotherapy, and 6 weeks off work. My friend applied a whole lower leg potato poultice to her daughter’s injury for 10 days and her daughter’s swelling reduces amazingly quickly and the Dr and physiotherapist were impressed with the speed of her recovery. Her daughter felt the poultice was soothing and helped immensely with the pain- possibly as the poultice was drawing away the inflammation.

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