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Back aches come from so many causes and are common at all ages, but especially as we age.

Kristan has had a lifetime of back problems since she was in a serious car accident when she was young, plus multiple horse riding incidents over her years. Since implementing the Root Cause Protocol, she rarely has pain now and it’s been many years since she’s used nurofen (aka ibuprofen) or other painkillers.

The following may not seem related to our back, but they help you deal with the underlying inflammation relating to back pain.

Back aches can have such diverse causes, but there are some things we know work to give relief to many!

1. More electrolytes in your routine – potassium and magnesium especially are needed to allow muscles to relax

2. Gentle movement throughout the day – even if it’s just a few squats or arm stretches every hour. Move your body for a 10-minute walk between when you start and lunch – then again in the mid-afternoon.

3. Make sure your workspace is ergonomic – correct alignment of computer monitors, keyboard and even chair height can make a big difference!

4. Change your diet (slowly!) if you haven’t already moved away from processed and/or packaged food. There are additives that will lead to inflammation and irritation and could be making your discomfort notably worse!

5. Find a Bowen therapist near you. These practitioners can help your whole body to calm. Kristan has found this transformative hand in hand with the RCP.

6. Do EFT with a practitioner – videos work well for some, but simply aren’t enough for others.

There are others, but this is a start. Pick one, pick all, but at least start to consider that there may be more than having regular pain killers or chiropractic sessions, to keep your back pain managed.

If you would like 1:1 help with the underlying metabolic side to your back discomfort, please reach out to a Supporting Balance team member via one of the options here and they can guide you.

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